Monday, June 28, 2010

Ranger Aide Norman

My sister Norman is working for the Department of Natural Resources for the summer. We went to visit her.
This is Norman.

This is her home.

Whilst visiting, we went to see Minnetonka Cave.

Why, Foreesto! What a manly beard you've grown!

They kept repeating the fact that there were 444 steps in and 444 steps out.
Foreesto descending into Hell. No really! That's what they called this portion of the cave. (Note the red lights for the added effect.)

This is a very blurry picture of my parents.

On this trip we also visited the Pickelville Playhouse, rode jetskis, ate fist-sized marshmallows, and very nearly ran over a skunk. I recommend the cot in Norman's trailer to anyone who wants to "get away from it all."

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Mike and Judy said...

I love Bear Lake. Wish I could have come along.