Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Soccer Flops

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing now, and Russ and I have been watching the matches every morning. I have a lot of respect for these athletes, and I love to see squads from all over the world get together to play. Man, these guys are good!

But sometimes I have to go do something else, because I get so TIRED of watching these grown men throw themselves on the ground, rolling in fake agony because somebody on the other team kicked them in the shin guard. When they start flopping, I feel like I am watching a two-year-old have a tantrum in the grocery store. And then they just jump up and run for another 55 minutes as if nothing happened... becuase in most cases, nothing did.

Steve Nash broke his nose, put it back in place himself, and kept playing. In high school, my best friend Megan broke her arm in a soccer match and still finished the game! So why do these super-talented, super-strong men pitch full on fits any time they fall down?

(I do feel inclined to say that a real injury is a real injury. If you are hurt, you obviously should get help. Heck, I blew my knee playing soccer. I know how that goes.)

Oh well. Here's hoping it doesn't effect the overall scores too much.

Go Ivory Coast!

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Megan and Kenny said...

I guess I'm just better than those guys. What can I say? I'm amazing! (though after the game really really sucked. Though I laugh about it now.) :)