Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Day

My day of salvation has arrived. May 23rd has come and gone, and I am no longer responsible for 25 2nd graders.

But, just for kicks, I thought I would post about the gremlins one more time.

Here are a list of quotes I collected in the last few days of class.

#1 J: How can you tell if turtles are girls or boys?
JL: Girls have eye lashes.

#2 A: They put ear rings on that Kangaroo.
A: Yes, just like the ear rings that cows have.

#3 M: I've kissed a dolphin before and it kissed me. (Scandalized out cries from friends.) But I ONLY kissed it on the cheek!

#4 D: Miss H, my story is not just narrative, it's informative-narrative because I told everyone facts about killer bunnies. The worst bunny is a killer bunny.

#5 JB: You know how there are pedicures and manicures? Well, what are womanicures?

I do not expect anyone to actually be interested in this blog. It just felt like a nice finishing touch.

Gremlins, adieu!