Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Day

My day of salvation has arrived. May 23rd has come and gone, and I am no longer responsible for 25 2nd graders.

But, just for kicks, I thought I would post about the gremlins one more time.

Here are a list of quotes I collected in the last few days of class.

#1 J: How can you tell if turtles are girls or boys?
JL: Girls have eye lashes.

#2 A: They put ear rings on that Kangaroo.
A: Yes, just like the ear rings that cows have.

#3 M: I've kissed a dolphin before and it kissed me. (Scandalized out cries from friends.) But I ONLY kissed it on the cheek!

#4 D: Miss H, my story is not just narrative, it's informative-narrative because I told everyone facts about killer bunnies. The worst bunny is a killer bunny.

#5 JB: You know how there are pedicures and manicures? Well, what are womanicures?

I do not expect anyone to actually be interested in this blog. It just felt like a nice finishing touch.

Gremlins, adieu!


Mars said...

We should play the game killer bunnies. But pretend that we are saving the bunnies and not killing them. For real.

Lauren said...

Congratulations star! I'm glad you're done!

Annie Traynor said...

Bunnies? Did I hear something about bunnies? Whatever it is, I'm in.

Megan and Kenny said...

Killer bunnies are the worst kind of bunnies. I was always afraid that I would get attacked by a rapid rabbit because Sara told me of a story where a president was out on a boat and this rabid rabbit jumped into the water and swam after him to attack him. And my dad said it's a true story. Those rabbits are crazy.