Sunday, July 06, 2008

Several Things

Thing 1. Mononucleosis:

Well, it's not cool. It's boring.

Thing 2. Facebook:

Since I've been so bored, I finally joined. I found out that I know 55 people--which actually isn't very many.

Also, I think it is weird that everytime one of those people say or do anying, it shows up on my page. My little sister--the grand high empress of facebook--assures me that this is normal.

So while it WAS cool to come in contact with people I haven't seen since high school, I still feel as if I am somehow missing the point.

Thing 3. Marriage.

Thanks to Facebook, I now realize that 97% of my high school class is now married. Most with 1.75 children. Really, I think I saw 4 people who are not.

As for my own marriage, we've had to bump the date back to October. (See Thing 1.)

See, it's all related somehow.


Bryant said...

Did you actually calculate those marriage/children statistics, or just take a guess?

*star said...

I guessed. And I probably guessed high. But I was feeling rather...hyperbolic.

Bryant said...

I'm feeling kind of parabolic myself...

Mike & Judy said...

Hope the mono is on the decline. If there's anything I can do with wedding plans let me for sure!

Stormie said...

Thing #1 - I'm not the grand empress of facebook, but thanks.
Thing #2 - You're a goof and I laugh really hard at you. Just kidding, I laugh with you, of course.

Megan and Kenny said...

Hey you don't have mono anymore, hurray for you! Stupid facebook. I sold my soul for britney spears. (a girl at work said she would burn all of her cds if I joined). Though it does give me something to do. But I feel like a big loser.