Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Numerical Disasters


That is exact time I woke up this morning.

That is also the exact time when students started coming into my classroom.


The number of alarms I slept through without hearing a peep!

The hours of a sleep a night I have been getting lately.

The number of hours I spent at the Marriot Center yesterday preparing for Hope of America.


The number of second graders who were waiting in my room when I finally arrived.

Nothing like a little math to get you going in the morning.


Lauren said...

Oh my gosh, Star! That's horrible! Nothing like starting your day with a heart attack.

I did the SAME thing today...would you believe it? I woke up at 8:01, and my first client was at 8:00. I have never made that drive so fast!

Mike & Judy said...

Horrifying and hilarious. Aren't we glad the end is in sight!!

Sunshine said...

Would you like to borrow my alarm clocks? Their names are Caden and Soleil, and I promise you won't sleep through a 3 year old tackling you!

Bryant said...

Impressive. How many faculty members were in with the kids waiting for you? How many of the kids had broken something/someone while waiting?

Megan and Kenny said...

Wow Mad Mary Flint that was pretty bad. But whatever that's behind you now,and now you have a great story to tell. Have you done that since?