Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I've been chastised for my lack-o-blogging. So, to appease the angry natives I offer this short and rather vague list of things that have been making me happy lately.

1. "Autumn Manor": Russ and I found a place to live post-wedding. Now, the hunt was not easy. We examined our budget, and were only looking at reasonable options....i.e. ghetto basement-ville. UNTIL we found Autumn Manor. It's a house. A real honest to goodness house! We LOVED it! We went to visit, spoke to the land lord, and then got in the car and drove away to discuss it. Realizing that we would be STUPID not to jump on this, we turned around and went back. And (of course) someone else had rented the place in the meantime. Ouch.
But the good news is that the land lord changed his mind. He decided he would rather rent to us, and he called us back the next day. Bangerang!

2. Two words: Spring Break.

3. I had a job interview this morning. And I felt it went well. And this school is only 10 minutes from Autumn Manor...as opposed to where I currently work which is 40.


kel said...

So this school that's 10 minutes away? Does it happen to be called Liberty? Or is it a Stepford school? Either way, that's AWESOME news and I hope it works out for you!!

And to everyone else, their house is seriously amazing. It has a giant back yard, apple trees, peach trees, a swing set--the good kind that schools have with the big metal poles and the black rubber seats-- a basketball court, a fire pit, and even TWO water fountains! What the?! How awesome is that? ...And that's just the backyard. Inside it's fantastic too!

Mars said...

Chastisement: Withdrawn.
Native: Appeased.

Mike & Judy said...

So now that the wedding word is out in the open - since I had to worm that info out of a tight lipped brother - I wanted to offer my backyard for a Utah Openhouse venue. It's on the table. My only request is that I have enough time to plant some good-looking flowers if you want to use it.

Megan and Kenny said...

I do not think I was aware that your house had a name. Autumn Manor is a pretty sweet name. To bad you ended up having devil basement neighbors to ruin the whole thing for you guys.