Thursday, July 01, 2010

Animal Cruelty

We have two cats.
This is Dannon.

This is Morgan.

Lately, Morgan has been acting sick. She's been lethargic (even for a cat) and very sneezy. I started having flashbacks about when we fostered them when they were little and they got really, really sick. So, I decided to take them both into the vet.

They did not like riding in the car.

They started fighting when I carried the cat carrier into the vet's office.

They shed ALL OVER the exam room.

They did not like having their temperature taken. (Don't blame them.)

They did not like shots.

Dannon reacted by claiming the cat carrier and refusing to let Morgan back in. I've never really seen her act like that! The vet said it was normal...

So while Dannon was in the backroom getting worked on, I closed Morgan in the cat carrier, and I got a cardboard box carrier for Dannon so I could keep them separate on the ride home.

We got them back in the car. And Dannon was suddenly possessed by a horrible demon of some sort. She yowled and screamed and scraped and slammed. She sounded like she was trying to imitate a character from Duck Tales! I had NEVER heard her do ANYTHING like that!

Keep in mind, this cat usually enjoys confined spaces...

I tried talking to her to calm her down, but the craziness just escalated for the entire 3.5 miles home from the vet.

When we pulled into the driveway, I leapt out of my seat, ran around the car, threw open the door, and found Dannon sitting free in the backseat.

Here is what the cardboard carrier looks like now.

She had somehow managed to squeeze out of that hole.

Apparently, there will be no road trips with the cats....


Megan and Kenny said...

That's because cats are of the devil. :)

Mike and Judy said...

They only like something if it is their own idea. I think cats were created so their "owners" can be kept humble.