Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Paxitron Ondomulae

This is Pax. I bought him just before school started. Here are some reasons that turtles make really good class pets.

A. They do not have much escape potential.
B. You do not have to mess with water-filled tanks.
C. They do not bite. (At least in my experience.)
D. They do not smell.
E. I've never heard of anyone being allergic to reptiles.

I chose him because, of all of the turtles in the pet store, he was the one who fought hardest to escape when the sales clerk turned him loose. He's an intrepid fellow, and my students adore him. I like him too. (Even if he is a little bit ornery.)

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Megan and Kenny said...

So it this turtle still alive? Maybe I should get a turtle, or some fish. We can't really get a dog yet (someday). Maybe we should get a trantula. :) hehehehe. Yea right I would have nightmares that it would escape and come after me and suck my blood or lay babies in my body or something like that.