Thursday, October 18, 2007

No rest for the weary

Last night I had a dream that I moved to work. I guess it was an attempt to save myself time. I set up my "bedroom" in the broom closet, and I cooked all my food in the teacher lounge microwave.

I guess you could say that work is stressing me out.


Bryant said...

I hate work dreams. They're the worst. I think that employers should have to pay you overtime if you dream about your job.

Megan and Kenny said...

I had a dream that I was working at the bank but was also a server so I was doing both jobs at the same time. It was weird all I really remember is that I sat up in bed and said 'can I get you some cheese' out loud. In the middle of the night. Kenny just laughed at told me to go back to sleep. But since being married I am now very much aware that I talk in my sleep, sometimes alot. Kenny tries to have conversations with me but it usually doens't work, I wake up.