Thursday, October 25, 2007

Killer Mermaids

My class just finished reading Peter Pan. They completed an assignment explaining which of the book's characters they would be and why.

Here are the results of the poll:

#1 Choice: Mermaids.
(Most of these votes came from boys. They were all very interested in the idea that the mermaids had tried to drown Wendy.)

#2 Choice: The Crocodile
(They were also interested in the fact that the Crocodile was trying to eat Capt. Hook.)

#3 Choice: Tinker Bell

Other answers that I thought were noteworthy: "A killer wolf," "Starkey the pirate," and "Princess Tiger Lily."

I was surprised by the results--I was sure the principle characters would get more votes. Also, I was a little concerned that my students were all so fixated on the potentially violent characters.

I thought it would be fun to be a lost girl. [Even though the book states that there are no lost girls, because girls are too clever to end up in Neverland.]

Who would you choose?


the narrator said...

i'd say i want to be a lost boy, but that's already descriptive of myself (lost and not wanting to grow-up). i could say pirate, but that's what i already do with the internet (sans eye-patch). so i guess i'll have to go with mermaids... because that's always been a fantasy of mine since seeing little mermaid. seriously, what guy hasn't dreamt of being ariel???

Annie Traynor said...

As much as I would want to be Tinkerbell or Tiger Lily, I think my personality is most like Wendy so that is probably the character that I would be. But, if it would be anything like the Wendy in the movie Hook that is crazy old and still in love with the young Peter Pan then I take my vote back because that would just be weird.

Sunshine said...

How funny - we are all dressing up as Peter Pan characters for Halloween. Caden is, of course, Peter Pan and Soleil is Tinkerbell. Scott is Capt Hook (trying to see how much he'll get into character) and I'm Tiger Lily. I like how stoic she least in the animated version, cause all we watch in our home are cartoons!

Megan and Kenny said...

If Peter Pan can be played by a girl when it first came out than I think I could and should be Peter Pan. Because I can fly. Oh and one halloween i was peter pan.