Monday, June 18, 2007


I planted my 1st garden this year, and I put in several strawberry plants. I was excited. REALLY exicted. I watched the plants with great interest, and waited in anticipation as the berries grew and started to turn red.

And then they disappeared.

Everytime a berry would show up and start to get ripe, I would return to find it missing.

Someone was stealing my strawberries!

Finally, a few weeks ago I encountered the thief.

A family of quail (including 12 babies that stood about 1.5 inches tall) have moved into my backyard.

I still haven't gotten to eat a single strawberry.


kel said...

Awwww!! But TWELVE 1.5-inch baby quail?!? Come on, for something as cute as that, I'd buy a tub of strawberries and feed it to them!

Ronnie said...

Build a scarecrow! Or at least dress up like a scarecrow and stand in your backyard all day.

Bryant said...

A) Ronnie is the scarecrow.
B) I have a vinyl clone of myself that you can use as a scarecrow.
C) You should buy strawberries to feed the quail so you can have the satisfaction of eating the ones you grew.

Mr. Andrews said...

You should eat the quail.

Stefani said...

D) You should buy the strawberries from the store and let the quail eat the dirt covered ones from the yard.

Megan and Kenny said...

Was this when I was living with you? You were posting this and I was living with you had had no idea you had it. That is just wrong.
Oh by the way, you seem to have horribly bad luck with gardens. The quail, planting a bunch of zuccihinnis(no idea) when they were labled pumpkins, and then the devil neighbors when you finally had pumpkins.