Saturday, June 09, 2007

Road of Death

Do you think that a piece of land can have it out for a person? Maybe even hold a grudge? There is a piece of land near the Idaho/Utah border that has it out for me. I have had A LOT of car mishaps along that stretch over the years, but here are the top three:

1. A few years ago my alternator went out on that strip of land and I spent the next few hours trying to get home. I would drive for 20 mintues, stop, turn off the lights, and let the battery charge for 20 minutes without ever turning off the car. If I waited too long between rests, my car would protest by turning the headlights off.

2. I had just had knee surgery and was wearing a leg brace that ran from my thigh to my ankle. My car vapor-locked along the cursed stretch and stranded me at a gas station for an hour and a half while I waited for the tow truck. When he finally came, he brought one of those GIANT trucks, and I had to literally use the seat belt to scale my way into the cab, dragging my useless leg behind me.

3. And then Wednesday night, I was driving home in the rain, and I had my first tire blow-out on the highway...on THAT stretch of road! It looked as if something had tried to take a large bite out of my tire.

I wonder if one of these days that road will just open up and swallow me whole.


kel said...

Awesome! You have a nemesis! I always wanted one of those. In third grade I had one... I got in trouble for leaving nail marks in her arm once when she pulled out some of my hair. But it was nothing as cool as a road trying to devour my car.

Bryant said...

I had a nemesis once, but then he ended up being a nice guy and ruining the whole thing.

I wondered if the road hates you or your car, but then I realized that you probably didn't have Chtruck a few years ago. So, I guess it's personal.

*star said...


kel said...

:) heh heh heh. That's totally the reaction we were going for.

Megan and Kenny said...

Question does it happen when other people drive or just you? Because if it's just you, then I would suggest that you never drive that part again, always have somebody else drive. Like I do. :)