Thursday, June 21, 2007

Last day of school

Today (finally) is the last day of school.

We had planned a "field day," and I went to work expecting a low-stress program of activities.

Apparently, I will never learn that that is NOT how public education works!

One hour ago, I found myself speeding through downtown Payson with 30 pizzas stuffed into my truck. The secretary was calling my cell phone to beg me to drive faster. I could hear hungry kids screaming in the background. And the first parents would be arriving to pick up their students in about 20 minutes.

I actually feel that that scene was a rather appropriate way to end this school year. Quintessential.

And I'll probably end up missing it. Go figure.


kel said...

Does your truck smell like pizza now?

And what are you going to do on your first weekend off? I hope it's relaxing!

Megan and Kenny said...

At least you didnt' get pulled over on the way, that would have been awful. Did you at least get to have some pizza? Mmm a bowl of cereal sounds really good right now. I'm kind of hungry.