Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Bank Robberies: Episode 12

Bank Robberies

In 2011, there were 5,086 bank robberies in America.  Or, to be more specific: 5, 014 robberies, 60 burglaries, and 12 larcenies.*  Loot was taken in 89% of these incidents, totaling out to a loss of $38,343,501.96.  That's a lot of money.  Only 20% of these incidents had any of the money recovered--a comparatively measly $8,070,886.97.  

Kate may have been after the airplane--can we mention the idea that she was willing to SHOOT people to get that airplane? I mean, sentimental value, sure, but shooting people?--but had she not shot her accomplices, it seems like their act could have scored them some pretty impressive cash.

I like this episode, because it shows that Kate is both darker and significantly more unstable than her current island persona would suggest.  The question is, will the island exacerbate Kate's ruthless streak or provide her with a environment in which she can regain her moral footing?

* larceny:  taking something that is not yours (i.e. shoplifting)
burglary: larceny + illegal entry
robbery: forceable stealing from a person, considered the most serious by the FBI

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