Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sawyer Says: Confidence Man (Episode 8)

We all know Sawyer is the master of nicknames--able to leap from condescending to absolutely inappropriate in a single bound.  I mean, I really have to hand it to the guy.  The sheer volume of snappy monikers he has at his immediate disposal is both comprehensive and surprisingly creative.  As evidence, I have compiled a list of all of the nicknames Sawyer used in the first nine episode of season one, but before I lay them all out, I thought it would be interesting to pose two questions:

1.   What would Sawyer call YOU?  (This one frightens me a bit.)

2.  Do you think there is a larger pattern we can see in Sawyer's nicknaming practices?

Consider.  And take a look at what he's done with his fellow islanders:

SAYID: (most nicknames to date)  Boy, Buddy, Chief, Abdul, Al Jazeera, Ali, Arab, Jackass, Omar, Capt. Falafel, Mohammad, Boss

JACK: Doc, Brother, Hero, Jacko, Saint Jack, Cowboy, Chico, Jackass, Dr. Quinn

KATE: Sweetheart, Freckles, Belle of the Ball, Baby

HURLEY:  Lardo, Pork Pie

SHANNON: Sweet Cheeks, Sticks

CHARLIE: Sport, Amigo

BOONE: Boy, Metro

JIN: Mr. Miyagi

*BONUS:  What other people have called Sawyer:
Sayid: Criminal
Boone:  Hick
Hurley:  Jethro
Jess: Baby

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be said...

Frosty, snow ball, snow bank, albino, blondie, fuzz ball, fuzz face, baby face, chubs, tubs, Kobe, Kobe beef, stay puft, or pretty much anything that he calls Hurley...