Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Taking Flight

Someone: So, what did you do yesterday?

Me: I flew an airplane.

I really want to have this conversation with someone. Because I totally flew an airplane yesterday.

Best Parts in Random Order:
1. I drove almost the entire time. Immediately after take-off, the pilot said, "Here, you drive. I'm going to try to get a picture of this." And he craned around to try to get a picture of the sunset with his cell phone.
2. I drove the plane up Provo Canyon, around the backside of Timp, and down American Fork Canyon. Never been shoulder to shoulder with a mountain like that!
3. My instructor taught me some "pilot maneuvers" like stalling the plane in midair and 45 degree turns.
4. Then we tried to make me sick. Rolling ups and downs where we tried to float a crumbled up ball of paper in the cockpit.
5. I landed the plane.

Holy cow, guys. I highly recommend this.

Thanks a zillion, siblings, for making it happen!


Judy said...

That is a very cool check on your bucket list. Congrats.

Megan and Kenny said...

That sounds like fun. (though I probably would have gotten sick from the up and down). Maybe you should become a pilot. Pilot Star sounds awesome.

kel said...

I like that you say you "drove" the plane. :) And holy cow this is awesome!