Monday, March 28, 2011


Last Friday, I took my very first "I'm so frustrated I can't stand to be here any longer without punching someone" day off.

There were a myriad of reasons. But I won't dwell.

Instead, in an attempt to put things in perspective, I decided to dwell on other things today.

Like how nice it is to use the snooze button. I never did this--not in high school, not in college--because I thought it was abominably rude of people to wake everyone else up several times instead of just the once. But now that it's just me, I can snooze as much as I like! 40 minutes worth of snooze buttoning!

Like how my fabulous, fabulous teacher's aide tidied my desk for me when I was gone on Friday.

Like how that one student finally (yes FINALLY) raised her hand to ask a question!

Like how much I like Harmon's. Yeah, the grocery store. They're superior. They have nice produce. They have not one, but three different brands of marscapone cheese! And to top it all off... they were selling SALTED CARMEL GELATO. I know. I know.

Tomorrow I'm going to dwell on corned beef and cabbage. Want to come and dwell too?


Kalen's Mommy said...

Thanks for the dwelling invitation! I'm there!

kel said...

Holy cow in all our years of roommate-hood I never noticed that you didn't snooze. I guess it's probably BECAUSE you never did that I don't remember--there was never anything to notice. ...Er, so, sorry for all those mornings when I DID. ::Blush:: Thanks for liking me anyway! :)

*star said...

Ha! Don't worry, Kel. You were never a serial snoozer. I was actually thinking of my brother's freshman roommate who would sometimes snooze for over an hour before getting out of bed. I'm really surprised my brother didn't just throw that kid's alarm clock off the roof.