Friday, January 21, 2011


Today was the sort of day when I realize why it's sometimes a good idea to cut people some slack. There is really only so many things a brain can do before it simply gives up.

So, here is today's list set in my neck of the woods.

Today I:
  • Woke up at 4:30.
  • Went to Walmart to shop for clusters AND the party.
  • Arrived at work early (but not early enough).
  • Briefed a coworker on an IEP.
  • Prepped a Study Island assessment.
  • Held a class reteach in math so my students could take their math test.
  • Held a one-on-one reteach with a student who struggled.
  • Graded the history tests.
  • Graded student presentations on their literature projects.
  • Presented a lesson from our Core Knowledge curriculum.
  • Gave a spelling test.
  • Lead a cross-curricular activity to try to fit more Social Studies curriculum into Language Arts while also tapping into the outcomes of my students' Interest Surveys by presenting it in a manner that allowed them to perform.
  • Made extra copies of the party schedule and stuffed them in the designated station bags.
  • Had the technology teacher show me how to disable the filter so I could play music at the party.
  • Created a playlist of music from the 50s for the musical chairs station.
  • Checked in my students 2nd set of biography fact cards.
  • Introduced the Tournament of Champions, had the students choose which role in our classroom medieval village they would like to assume, and judged a contest which determined where our village would be located.
  • Started the charcoal (using my charcoal chimney) out on the asphalt.
  • Taught cluster kids how to make banana boats and dutch oven cobbler.
  • Cooked the food.
  • RAN into the building at the closing bell, and handed out last minute supplies for the party.
  • Threw a party for 165 elementary students, which involved 7 different stations from 7 different time periods, complete with treats and prizes. Served cookies at the door on the way out.
  • Stayed to finish next week's Learning Plan.
  • Drove home.
My next plan is to eat. I'm totally going to eat chips and dip for dinner. And no one is going to stop me.


Kalen's Mommy said...

You are simply amazing my dear! I hope you enjoyed the heck out of your chips and dip dinner and then slept for 15 earned it 1000 times over! Your students are so lucky to have you as a teacher (and I'm so lucky to have you as a friend!)

kel said...

Whoa. You did all that and were still home to post a blog by 5pm?! How did you squish all that in?

Katrina said...

reading that post made me school-sick. :( dont get me wrong, i LOVE being home with my sweet baby. but, i MISS school.