Thursday, December 09, 2010

Overly Invested

Sometimes, I am absolutely ridiculous.

I have a problem--there are times when books, or television shows, or movies affect me a little too much.

When something sad happens, I feel sad. And then I can't shake it for a while. My mind just turns it over and over, and I find myself trying to put words to the emotions that I witnessed. As if by writing them down--even mentally--I might somehow better understand it.

I just finished watching a show on tv, and I'm feeling embarrassingly distraught.

I guess this is why I will never be a counselor, doctor, or social worker; I'd be a pathetic heap of sobbing blubber by the end of the first week.

Maybe I ought to work on that.


Heatherlady said...

I TOTALLY understand. I've learned to be really careful about what I watch and read because things stay with me for such a long time. There are things that I wish I hadn't ever let myself see or be exposed to and other things that I am grateful I saw but have taken me a long time to process. So I understand where you are coming from!

be said...

I think this happens to Kelly, too. That's why we can't watch WWII movies very often. It just takes her too long to recover.

Maybe you both need to learn to crush things with your mind vices.

Stormie said...

Another reason why I think we are related. I woke up yesterday morning and got up after just having had a terrible dream. It took me half the day to get over it.