Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anticipating Precipitating

A blizzard is coming.

That's the word they keep using for it: blizzard.

From the moment I stepped out of the house this morning, everyone has been talking about it.

It's on the radio. It's waiting in my email in-box. It's the topic of special faculty meetings and teacher lunch tables. It's written on big flashing signs along I-15.


In the grocery store parking lot, I watched each shopper tilt his or her chin way up, trying to read the storm clouds.

We're watching.

The world is battening down the hatches.

And I'm inexplicably excited about this whole thing.

Is it strange that if it doesn't snow, I'm going to be really disappointed?

Come on, clouds. We're holding our breath.


kel said...

well, did it happen??

*star said...

NO! We got maybe a quarter inch of snow that blew in from elsewhere. Lame.

We did get a nasty storm over Thanksgiving break, though. Not a "blizzard" apparently, but it dumped several inches of snow, blew it all over the place, and then froze everything solid.

There were cars off the road all over the place on our way to and from Idaho.

kel said...

jerks! that reminds me exactly of the feeling from elementary school years when i'd go to bed all excited (& without doing all my homework) because they predicted an awful snow storm overnight. then you wake up to find the sun shining, the green grass, birds singing. pure disappointment. and betrayal. ;) BUT i am glad that you weren't one of the cars all over the place and off the road going back and forth to Idaho.