Monday, February 08, 2010

The Inner Outer Monologue

At times, Russ has no inner monologue. I've been at the computer for five minutes. He's on the couch. This is a faithful account of what I have heard him muttering, humming, singing to himself.

"High on the hill is a lonely goatherd. Star does not like the goatherds. Star does not want to eat the goatherds."


Switches to vigorously humming Prince Ali from the Aladdin soundtrack.

Pipes up with, "Would you consider me a puma head in the desert that wants to eat you?"

Me: "I have no way of answering that question."

Russ: "You should say, I am a diamond in the rough."

Goes back to singing Prince Ali.


Tries to warble whistle. Mostly fails.

Silence. Beats the level on his Nintendo game.

Calls, "Hey, what you doing over there?"

As an experiment, I hum a few random high-pitched notes. Russ picks up the humming immediately and turns the humming into a high-pitched version of the Star War's theme.

Begins beat boxing.


Rolls tongue loudly.

Whistling...under his breath this time.

Trying to beat box Prince Ali. Loses all track of the tune, and just starts making small explosion noises.


Suddenly busts out with, "Cuz Star's gonna love this guy! Cuz it's ME and you see, I am a nice boy!" (To the tune of Prince Ali.)

I start laughing.

He asks what I am doing. When I do not give a clear response, he returns to smacking his lips.

He's right, though. I do love him.


Russ said...

I am quiet and shy.

Kim said...

dying laughing over here!!

Megan and Kenny said...

At least you know he's alive. If kenny is playing a game, and I'm on the computer, sometimes I forget he's in the room because he doesn't say anything.

be said...

Best post ever.

kel said...

oh my, this is amazing. i love that when asked what you were doing, you were sitting on your blog transcribing what he was doing. hilarious. all of it. you should definitely post more of russ's inner outer monologues. i could read stuff like this every day. dangit, I MISS YOU GUYS.

Mike and Judy said...

Thanks for the good laugh - nice way to start a day.