Sunday, December 13, 2009


My family went on a cruise over Thanksgiving. We had ridiculously fun adventures and ate ridiculous amounts of food. Here are some pictures that kind of sum things up. (Some of these pictures have been graciously provided by my younger siblings.)

Cruising Family Style

The boat

Ready for the Jungle Zipline

In case of emergency, head to the nearest mustard station.
Norman loves to muster.
Foreesto gettin' his groove on at line dancing lessons.

Durd's t-shirt dragon vs the iguana.

Momma and the monkey

Dad braving the jungle and the MOSQUITOES.
(This is about 10 seconds before I ran to hide by the fire pit until the tour was over. 15 mosquito bites in 10 minutes is TOO many!)

I like to ride on boats.

See those black blurs? Those are stingrays. We swam with them, and I got to hold them! However, until my mother gets the underwater camera film developed, this is the best picture we've got.

Foreesto at the iguana farm. Trumpet leaves, anyone?

Stormie with the assist.... The ladder took up too much room. And I can't use my arms very well when laughing.

Food, food, food. I never got hungry after the 2nd morning.

Looking fab on formal night.

He missed a spot...

Fiesta Norman.

Mom and Dad dancing the night away with the help of PASSION. (Passion being the band that we listened to every night on the cruise. They even let Dusty play with them on the last night!)

Totally awesome.
The only thing that would have made this trip better is if Sunshine and company had been along. Next time, Bramwells. Next time!


Mike and Judy said...

That is the best kind of vacation - making amazing memories with your family. I am severely jealous!

Megan and Kenny said...

Um..I'm pretty sure that cruise would have been better if I was there. Hello that was the part that was missing!

Sunshine said...

*sigh*. Looks like it was a lot of fun. Next time we will be there. Or at least me. I'll leave behind the rest of the Bramwells if I have to, but I am not missing another Hulet vacay!!
Miss you!