Friday, November 06, 2009

Bella Italia: Venezia

Last stop: Venice.

We arrived in Venice late after a very long day on trains. We were staying on the island of Lido (just off Venice), and so we rode a vaparetto (water bus) to the island. The hostel we found was called Villa Stella. Yes, I am totally guilty of booking the place because it translates into "Star's House." Regardless, the place was great. It SO didn't fit in the hostel category. It was a little bed and breakfast/hotel. We had two little adjoining rooms, and each room was named after a star or constellation. (Which, of course, I totally loved!)

The next morning we went to visit Venice.

Venice was awesome because it is an island. Which means you can't really get lost. You can't get off, so you can just literally wander around the narrow, winding streets.
So for two whole days we wandered around the island, and this is what we saw:

San Marco Cathedral

Including the famous pigeons.
Weird 24-hour zodiac clock.

The Bridge of Sighs.
This was the bridge you crossed before going into prison. You would look out those little windows and see your last glimpse of the outside world. I thought it was ironic that the entire bridge is currently encased in a gigantic, sky blue sunglasses advertisement. A little too cheery...

Happy #28!

We went to dinner that night at a little outdoor cafe, and we shared our table with the owner's big, black cat. He snoozed on the chairs the whole time. When the owner found out, he sent us glasses of limoncello to apologize. We didn't mind--and we gave the drinks away.
We didn't have any candles on a birthday cake, but we bought gelato and Russ blew out the candles on one of the restaurant tables we walked passed.

I really liked the shops in Venice.
Book shops.
Food shops.
Mask Shops.
We found this mask shop on our first day. We decided to try to go back the next day, and it took us two hours to find the place! (And we were never more than a few blocks away!)

Venice was idyllic. Although I was tired, covered in mosquito bites, and completely out of clean clothes, I was still sad to leave. I would like to return very soon, and I recommend this city to anyone who is in need of a truly excellent adventure!


kel said...

These are beautiful pictures. There's one thing you said that I've gotta disagree with, though:

"Venice was awesome because it is an island. Which means you can't really get lost."

But I'm pretty sure the only thing you CAN do while in Venice is be lost. The whole time. ;)

Stormie said...

Excellent work documenting your trip on the blog. I'm proud. And also very very jealous.

Megan and Kenny said...

That was a fun adventure for you. That really is awesome that you got go to Italy.