Monday, March 05, 2007


I am a teaching assistant/substitute at a local k-12 charter school.

I spend MOST of my time with the middle school students (6-8).

This is quite adventurous.

Here are 5 things I saw happen in the last week(ish).

1. An eighth grader who ran into a wall, punching a four foot hole through the plaster.
2. A boy licking a stick of deodorant.
3. A boy who wanted to show me just how far he could stick a pencil up his nose.
4. A boy who stuck a staple so far into his ear that I couldn't get it back out.
5. The principal body checking the PE teacher in order to win a scooter board race.

Never a dull moment in public education.


Ronnie said...

That sounds almost as crazy as my high school.

kel said...
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kel said...

Why would anyone ever lick deodorant? I could understand the urge to lick something like chapstick or lip gloss or maybe even those awesome markers that smell like fruit (that orange one is AMAZING), but not deodorant. Powder Fresh just never has had the "ooh-that-makes-my-mouth-water" effect on me. It's possible I'm alone on that one.

bec said...

that deodorant one is disgusting. I wish I had people to entertain me at my job.

Stefani said...

I spend a lot of time in the high schools now, too...and let me tell you, finding things to laugh at is the best way to make the day go by oh so much faster and more enjoyable! My favorite thing to watch for is burgeoning relationships. Kids are so funny when they try to act like grown ups.

Megan and Kenny said...

At least you know that you day won't be dull. It keeps you on your toes and all of that good stuff. Though that is pretty gross about the deodorant.