Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Retail Delights

So I recently got my first retail job. After a week, I was completely convinced that there was nothing redeeming about working retail.

But then he showed up.

Gary Coleman. In my store. At my cash register. Buying a walking stick that looked like a telescoping ski pole.

So what if I can't ever remember watching his television show?

He paid with a card, meaning I had his autograph for about 10 seconds until I had to put the sales slip on the peg with the rest of my card slips. Oh well.

I'm hoping that next week I'll see Fred Savage or maybe that kid from Growing Pains. A girl can always hope, right?


bec said...

about a month ago I saw Willie Nelson at Smith's. He went out to the parking lot and got into his van that was labeled Willie and Friends. Provo is a happenin place.

Kim said...

So...was he nice? I have heard he is not the friendliest little fella.

kel said...

holy cow, star! that's AWESOME! i can't believe that i share a room with you and i had to find out about this amazing, life-changing event through your BLOG.

and you know who i've heard is a real jerk? meg ryan. anyone else know anything about that? why is it that the cutesy, sweet actors/actresses sometimes are the biggest jerks?

Megan and Kenny said...

He would come into the bank sometimes. I helped him once and almost asked for his idea, because technically I don't know who he is, but I didnt' want him to yell at me. The last time he came in he looked awful.