Sunday, October 17, 2010

Moab with Megan

I spent a couple of days in Moab with Megan this last week. We started doing this when we were in high school (though Megan started going years before that). We used to be quite cocky--even somewhat stupid--about what we would attempt out there. We took a look at some of our old haunts, and it was funny to realize that I must be getting OLD! Somehow, jumping 10 feet onto slanted sandstone no longer seemed like a valuable way to spend my time!

However, that is not to say that we didn't have any fun.

"Scrambling" is always so much more fun than climbing...even if we are getting old and weak. While I was wedging my way up this crack, my shoe came off, and I had to perform some midair acrobatics to get it back on my foot. Meg kept her shoes, even when she got stuck!

I actually thought I was on top of the arch in this shot. You would think it wouldn't be that hard to tell...

Delicate Arch (in profile).

At sunset.

And, of course, the self-portrait.


kel said...

Ah Moab how I miss you! It makes me happy to know you and Megan were there! This is the best time of year.

Megan and Kenny said...

I have a bruise on my knee from when I got it stuck. Next time we go I'm going to be in better shape.