Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dilemma Dilemna

I just wrote out the word "dilemna" on 26 student sheets.

And apparently, the internet thinks I am spelling it wrong.

It thinks it should be spelled "dilemma."


Am I the only one who was taught the "dilemna" spelling? I could have sworn I was spelling that right. I'm 25. I've been spelling it that way for a long time. You would think that I would have noticed it by now.

I really think that "dilemna" is correct!

What is the deal?

How do you spell it?


Mike and Judy said...

That is a real dilemma isn't it? 26 kids may think their teacher needs to practice her spelling!

bryant-man said...

Dang, I totally thought you were right, but I looked it up and it turns out that you're wrong and the Internet is right.

*star said...

I googled the word, and it turns out that I am NOT the only one to have this...problem. There were all sorts of comments about "my" way of spelling it.

At least I'm not totally crazy.

kel said...

This brings back good memories of "supposebly" and "ambliance." Also, if no one has noticed you spelling dilemma wrong for 25 years, you'll probably be safe for at least another 25 if you want to keep spelling it that way.

bryant-man said...

It's just that mn and mm look so much alike. Who's got time to count all of the bumps?


*star said...

To defend myself, Kelly, I will stand by the fact that up to this point it has been my SPEAKING and not my SPELLING that has been so horridly inaccurate.

(Then again, Russ did just have to help me spell the word inaccurate.)

Megan and Kenny said...

I am no help there. my spelling is awful and it gets worse everyday. Writing all these comments have been a spelling challenge. Alot of the time I have to change what I wanted to say because I couldn't spell the word.