Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happiest ...

My family went down to California to visit my sister's family around New Years. And what trip to San Diego is complete without a stay at DISNEYLAND?! Here are a few choice images to represent our trip:

It looks like a seal!

Fresh Fish.

Scott and Caden the student driver.

California Adventuring.

Durd has evil eyes in this picture.

Soleil enjoying the free ride.

Sunshine and Caden handling the spaceships.

Norman vs. the Turkey Leg

Russ and I stayed later one night to see a show. It was New Year's Eve and the place was P-A-C-K-E-D! Down at the waterfront, it was literally standing room only. We had quite a while before the show started, so we entertained ourselves by taking the ugliest pictures possible...

...and then laughing our heads off about it.

For the record, I think my faces were considerably uglier!


Sunshine said...

I love the ugly face contest!
Thanks for coming to visit!

Megan and Kenny said...

When kenny and I are waiting for something we play 20 questions and I always start out with Walt Disney (from a goofy movie that's what goofy always did) and then i do naked mole rat. Kenny sometimes doesn't like to play with me. :)