Thursday, October 02, 2008

Zombies are Prohibited!

I am going to make a somewhat embarrassing confession.

I have a problem.

I have this bizarre habit of imagining what I would do in case of some kind of apocalyptic disaster.

While in the car, I examine neighborhoods, mapping routes in my head to see where I would find water, grow food, and base a defensive stronghold.

When in people's houses, I imagine what it would take to fortify the house. I find myself frowning at large windows because they would be difficult to cover successfully. I also don't like doors with big glass panels in them. If the zombies/crazies/bad guys came, it would be difficult to seal your house off quickly.

I figure out hiding places in my house, so that if unwanted characters ever came into my house, I would have several clever places to conceal myself.

I think about this more than is healthy. I would say it crosses my mind at least once a week.

I apparently need to lay off the postapocalyptic media...maybe permanently.

At least I haven't built a bomb shelter in the backyard!


Lauren said...

Do you think being on the 3rd floor would be a benefit or a liability in a doomsday scenario?

*star said...

It's a benefit in that you've got the high ground. It's hard for them to get to you. However, it also makes escape difficult. If you needed to get out in a hurry, there is only one exit.

bryant RICHARD casteel said...

Sometimes I imagine what I would do if I were suddenly homeless. Usually I end up living in the wilderness in a tipi made out of the skins of animals that I'd kill with a giant spear. That might be the same as what I'd do if I society collapsed.

Also, speaking of the post-apocalypse, Terry Brooks finished the last book in that "Genesis of Shannara" serious.

Megan and Kenny said...

But how close are you to building a bomb shelter in the backyard? I haven't read many post end of the world books, but the one time I did I was ready to attack a cow for food.