Monday, September 22, 2008


What were you doing 5 years ago?

1. Living with "my destiny" but sleeping on the love couch.
2. Mentally cursing that statue of Karl G. Maeser after all but failing a ZOO 102 exam.
3. Making runs to Cosmo's Connection to get rid of Dining Plus money.
4. Cringing away from any hint of Bobbella.
5. Setting records for solitaire, but not getting nearly enough sleep.

5 things of the to-do list today:

1. Assign a Circulation Road Trip Story in Science.
2. Search through the shared reading library because my class apparently read Treasure Island in 4th grade.
3. Check the tomatoes.
4. Buy tags for the cats' collars.
5. Feed Pax.

5 things you would do if you were a millionaire:

1. Move to Northern California. (Redwood Region)
2. Set up a manatee sanctuary. (I know manatees don't live in No. CA, but this is MY blog, ok?!)
3. Feed the manatees heads of cabbage, and ride them around the tank.
4. Travel, travel, travel.
5. Get a dog.

5 snacks you enjoy:

1. Celery
2. Jonathan Apples
3. Cheetos Puffs
4. Boursin cheese with crackers.
5. Turkey Pepperoni

5 places you have lived:

1. Pittsburg, PA
2. Idaho Falls, Idaho (777)
3. Oklahoma City, OK
4. Idaho Falls, Idaho (559)
5. Provo, Utah

5 people to tag:

1....anyone who would like to!


*star said...

I just realized that I was a year off. All the things I listed at the top actually happened 6 years ago.

Isn't it scary that I teach math?

kel said...

Haha. Well I'm glad you did it for 6 years ago; freshman year was so much more... interesting.

And the destiny/love couch thing probably raised a few eyebrows. Ah the scandal. :) I love it.

Megan and Kenny said...

Yea I don't get the destiny/love couch thing. but whatever, probably one of those had to be there things. 5 years ago I was getting read to go on a mission? I think.

Megan and Kenny said...

oh the manatee thing was pretty funny.